Blogs for the Washington Center (Fall 2017)

Below is a series of blog work I completed for the Washington Center Fall 2017.  I wrote a total of 15 pieces in conjunction with my internship and nightly class work.  The pieces range from opinion to commentary regarding my internship and TWC programming.

Lemonade for a Windowless Room

The Commute_ Everyone Starts Somewhere

Debunking the 6 Myths of Professionalism

An Unconventional Start

3 Ways to Keep Worry Off your Back

Traveling to NYC for Work (And Fun)

Race _ the American Presidency Panel_ Why Should You Care_

The Newseum_ A Hard Look at Journalism

Job In Action_ Childrens Wellbeing Summit

Journalism_ More Than Just Tweets

So You Wanna Write a Cover Letter.._

Experiencing the National Museum of African American History

3 Aspects of my Internship Im Grateful For

The End Is Nigh Let_s Pack It Up!

We Would All Like to Know