An Exchange

Bible at the Bedside There was a time when I read the bible for fun. I went to Church on Wednesday nights, sang I may never march in the infantry ride in the calvary shoot the artilley I may never zoom o’er  the enemy But I’m in the Lord’s army Yes sir! I roughy thumbed […]

When Campus Feminism Isn’t Good Enough & Neither is the Campus Times

So recently, I dared to  extend my writing abilities to the Campus Times, and wrote a club profile for their features section. There had been talk that they were in  need of interesting and meaningful features, and I figured I had the story that fit those parameters. I had been lending my eyes and ears to the […]

UR Tarana Burke Tickets Should Have Sold Out!

[*I’m working under the assumption that they didn’t sell out in comparison to Hasan Minaj] But they didn’t, and I can’t say I was entirely surprised. Ms. Burke is the #blackgirlmagic fireball behind the #metoo movement—a movement that has been largely associated with the sexual harassment/assault nightmares of Hollywood actresses by the booger-faced ogre Harvey […]