This is my granddaddy’s right hand.  At one time, my small infantile body sat cradled in it.  Before I was born, it gripped baseball bats and captured baseballs in mid air. It squared and doubled onto itself ready for various fights and spats during and on the way back from school.  It was unmatched in […]


I think there is an idea that survial comes after some kind of relief.  Like, “Oh, that hurricane destroyed everything she had, but thank god she survived.”  The storm is over and we can all walk away.  There’s relief in that, but it isn’t always so.  I think survival is existing with something pivotal being taken […]

Little Flames

She knew what it was to hate oneself. A look in the mirror was painful and the beauty she possessed seemed too much a weight…like chocolate too rich to enjoy. The bitterness she harbored was too great. No one knew what the darkness hid. She was cold but somehow knew that the flames of hell […]


I watched the boy run in circles and topple over himself, only to do it all over again. My body instinctively jerked many times to stop myself from running to his rescue—down he would fall onto his small hands, but it did not take long for his little legs to straighten out and he would […]


Opening Line It wouldn’t be the first and it wouldn’t be the last. She would toss and turn in the night, her mind assaulted by her past. Tremors and mumblings she constantly restrained, her heart and soul still in shock from the pain. No. It wouldn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last, where romance […]